Igt Toscana Ciliegiolo.

Typical of a territory the vintage IGT Toscana ciliegiolo. Fresh made from ciliegiolofrom 30-year-old vineyards.

Vinified and aged in concrete tanks and bottled in the following spring.

Pairings .
All meat-based dishes with quick cooking, game-based first courses, cold cuts, cold cuts and hard cheeses, but why not, also blue fish, as proposed by well-known restaurateurs of our territory!

Available online: 2019

Weight1,25 kg


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Product sheet

Denomination: IGT Toscana Ciliegiolo
Variety:100% Ciliegiolo

Wine tasting features

Colour: Bright ruby red
Perfumes: Of ripe red fruit, fragrant and fresh
Taste: Balanced, soft and with a persistent finish

Land production features

Property Rascioni & Cecconello
Altitude 100 m above sea level
Taste: Balanced, soft and with a persistent finish
Exposure: east
Plant Density: 3500 plants per hectare
Breeding System: Single Guyot

Vinification and ageing

Yield: 70 quintals/ha
Harvest period: mid-September
Harvest management: manual
Pressing: soft
Fermentation containers: Concrete
Fermentation temperatures: 28°c
Fermentation period 8-10 days
Maceration times of Grapes skins: 10 days
Malolatic fermentation: Carried out
Refinement containers: Concrete
Refining Period: 6 months
Bottling date: Spring
Bottle Refining: 2 months